Greater Good from Your Greatest Resource.

Revere Software® connects your people with nonprofits and other organizations that need skills-based volunteer expertise and best practices—creating long-term social impact while driving employee engagement.

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Your company has hundreds, if not thousands, of talented and passionate employees eager to drive positive change in the world by volunteering their skills with nonprofit organizations. Revere is the only platform that enables you to create a branded, fully personalized online program for extending the reach of your skills-based volunteering efforts. And no other software offers the flexibility to connect your employees with organizations seeking help with both team projects and one-to-one meetings.

Where skills and needs connect.

We work closely with you to make skills-based volunteering opportunities even more visible, effective, and rewarding—for everyone involved. What does that mean? It’s about creating a path for your employees to lend their expertise in areas ranging from business operations to content, finance to human resources, marketing to software development, and everything in between.

Revere supports both virtual and in-person volunteering opportunities. What’s more, our software can put your nonprofit partners in charge of requesting one-to-one meetings with employee volunteers as well as submitting team projects for your interested people to join.

Here are just some of the benefits your program can generate:

Team Projects

Your employees help nonprofit partners complete tasks and achieve results they might otherwise never be able to afford. Teaming to create greater good in the community—whether it be local or global—can also draw people closer and strengthen your company culture. Meanwhile, through sharing their expertise and best practices with nonprofits, your employees develop leadership and project management skills that bring greater value to your business.

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One-to-One Meetings

Nonprofits get quick answers to their questions by tapping into pockets of knowledge and experience within your company ranks. For example, these ad hoc conversations yield insights that can help your nonprofit partners develop more sharply focused and successful project applications or grant proposals. Plus, many employees get a palpable self-esteem boost from being asked to share their insights and talents—which often feeds greater job satisfaction.

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of prospective employees expect to make a social impact through their company1

1 ACCP, CAF America, and CyberGrants (2020), “Making the Case for CSR

Here’s how it works.

Our feature-rich platform is easy to set up, deploy, and manage. It scales to match the corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives and IT environment of nearly any organization.

Tailored to you | Easy to use | Simple to manage
Fully in your control | Plays well with others | Extra support
“Autodesk employees get to volunteer their professional skills toward solving real-world and impactful problems – and they very often learn new skills and form lasting relationships along the way. The sense of camaraderie amongst nonprofit partners and employees is palpable.”
Kendra Ott

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