How It Works
Revere Makes It Easy to Connect Nonprofit Partners with Your Volunteer Employees.

Empower nonprofit partners to request one-to-one meetings with your employees and submit team-project applications on your organization’s very own personalized and branded site.

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Here’s How It Works

Our feature-rich platform is easy to set up, deploy, and manage. It scales to match the corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives and IT environment of nearly any organization.

Tailored to you

We not only build and launch your personalized, branded program but also provide support to ensure smooth sailing. You can seamlessly choose the specific features and opportunities you want to provide—team projects, one-to-one consultations, matching skills to needs—on a platform that’s immediately recognizable as your own.

Easy to use

Our sophisticated matching algorithms allow your nonprofit and purpose-driven business partners to seek out your employees by skill, career type, interests, causes, location or any other keyword search. Participants interested in working one-to-one can communicate directly with each other—by videoconference, phone, or in-person—leaving you free to focus on other business priorities. Our platform also automates and streamlines many of the tasks involved in team projects—from submitting an application to assigning interested employees.

Simple to manage

We build your private-labeled site on the Revere platform and train your administrator(s) to run it. Or you can have Revere manage your administrative console, including your content management system (CMS), for an additional fee.

Fully in your control

Your admin console and CMS help you keep everything running smoothly. Revere is the only platform of its kind that allows you to customize your program’s level of access—public, semi-private, or fully private—with the flick of a switch.

Plays well with others

You can easily pull data from Revere into your choice of project, work, and volunteer management software—including Asana, Atlassian, Salesforce, Benevity, Blackbaud, and more.

Need a little extra support?

Revere offers fee-based services to help recruit and onboard people throughout your organization. Working with our best-in-class marketing and communications partners in the social impact and purpose-driven sector, we also help stoke engagement among nonprofits—across your community and around the world.

Revere Software - Docusign Impact Collaboration screenshot

With Revere, You Can:

  • Easily match employees’ interests and expertise with partners’ needs to drive greater impact.
  • Empower your people to support causes they’re passionate about—in more satisfying and direct ways than merely writing a check.
  • Boost the visibility of your CSR programs through marketing and communications
  • Enhance your brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Create more personally and professionally enriching employee experiences that help boost recruitment, engagement, and retention.
  • Automate and simplify CSR program management.
  • Readily track, measure, and highlight the results of your pro bono outreach to help build support internally as well as externally.
  • Expand your volunteer program capabilities without adding IT tasks or complexity.

Team Volunteering—Streamlined and Simplified

Using our team projects module within your private-labeled program, you can invite nonprofit partners to:

  • Submit a project and describe what’s needed—by skill set, location, time commitment, and other parameters.

  • Search for employees whose profiles match the project requirements and request 1:1 meetings with them in advance of submitting a team project or grant application.

Similarly, your employees can search for and apply for team projects that interest them. Program managers can use Revere’s intuitive, centralized admin console to:

  • Review and approve team project requests.
  • Assign interested employees to a project team.
  • Invite employees to apply for specific projects.
  • Select employees that Revere’s algorithm has suggested for each team project.
  • Send project data points to your choice of project management software (Asana, Atlassian, MS Teams, Salesforce, et al.).
Part 1 - Nonprofit View of an Approved Project - Revere Software screenshot
Part 2 - Employee View of Projects - Revere Software screenshot
Part 3 - Admin View of Suggested Employee Volunteers for a Project - Revere Software screenshot

Revere matches the knowledge, skills, and experience of experts around the world to advance the common good.