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Empower Nonprofits to Connect with Your Employee Volunteers for Expertise.

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Put Purpose into Action

Create personally and professionally enriching employee experiences while helping nonprofits increase their social impact.

Revere’s skills-based volunteering software smoothly connects your employees to organizations that need their expertise—creating long-term social impact.

Let us show you how our online platform can help you build an effective skills-based volunteering program linking nonprofit, higher education, and entrepreneurial purpose-driven organizations.

Skills-based Volunteering Yields Multifaceted Benefits

Through skills-based volunteering, your people use their professional knowledge and experience to help nonprofit organizations create a positive impact in society.


Of Millennials say their job is more fulfilling when it includes opportunities to make an environmental and social impact.(1)

Skills-based volunteering opens greater opportunities for your organization and employees to do good in the world. It also creates a host of other valuable benefits even closer to home.

Connecting People Within Communities and Across Continents - photo
Connecting People Within Communities and Across Continents - photo
Connecting People Within Communities and Across Continents - photo

For your employees

Today’s younger workers, in particular, want more from their careers than just a salary. They are also seeking fulfillment, respect, and the knowledge that their work matters.

Indeed, employees of all generations desire the benefits that skills-based volunteering can provide by connecting them with nonprofit partners in various settings. These rewarding outcomes include:

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CAREER ADVANCEMENT. Pro bono and skills-based service offers first-hand learning opportunities that enable your people to grow as leaders, solve complex problems in innovative ways, and expand their cache of professional expertise. Employees also value the chance to build “soft skills” such as courageousness, empathy, active listening, and critical thinking as they step beyond their familiar assignments.

FULFILLMENT FROM GIVING BACK. Study after study has affirmed that helping others improves our mood and overall sense of well-being. Having a nonprofit ask for their time and expertise—with your organization’s full support—makes your employees feel even more valued, respected, and purposeful.

AFFINITY AND CAMARADERIE. The ordeal of COVID-19 has made employees even more eager for connections with their communities and co-workers. Skills-based volunteering is a powerful opportunity for people from different parts of your organization to grow closer, learn from each other, and share in the satisfaction of doing impactful work on team projects with your nonprofit partners.

We are so hard-wired to make work-based contributions to society that it’s actually good for us. Dozens of studies provide overwhelming evidence that social purpose boosts our work motivation, productivity, satisfaction, and performance.
Bea Boccalandro

from her 2020 book, Do Good at Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing

For your organization

Sought-after employees want to work for a company that encourages them to tap their expertise and compassion to create social impact and innovation. Support for skills-based volunteering puts your organization’s culture, values, and purpose in a highly attractive light.

Along with the knowledge that you’re making the world a better place for all, a strong commitment to pro bono service strengthens: 

EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT. Millennial and Gen Z professionals are not satisfied with the solely extrinsic rewards of money and prestige alone. Volunteerism is high on their job satisfaction list—which can give you a decisive edge in attracting exceptional talent through your skills-based volunteering program.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Empowering your people to give back is not just good common sense; it makes strong business sense. When you feed employees’ desire to make a positive difference in causes that they believe in, your workplace culture also flourishes—with higher morale, greater productivity, and broader skill-building across the organization.

EMPLOYEE RETENTION. Valuable people remain with your company longer when they feel fulfilled emotionally as well as financially and professionally. Skills-based volunteering helps reinforce employees’ conviction that their experience and expertise have a meaningful impact.

Connecting People Within Communities and Across Continents - photo
Connecting People Within Communities and Across Continents - photo
Connecting People Within Communities and Across Continents - photo

Want to optimize these benefits?

Reach out early on for buy-in and cooperation from key internal stakeholders:

Human Resources

Amplify the personal and professional development opportunities that skills-based volunteering brings to employees.


Approve and support a seamless integration of Revere capabilities within your current tech environment.


build awareness, engagement, and excitement about skills-based volunteering among your current and prospective employees and nonprofit partners.

No longer content with a passionless career… nearly 5,000 professionals surveyed by Korn Ferry say being bored and needing a challenge would be the top reason for seeking a new job.(2)

For your nonprofit partners

As more employees participate in skills-based volunteering, the scope of your program and its value to nonprofits also grow exponentially. Employee volunteerism is crucial in helping partners extend their:

  • Budget
  • Capacity
  • Expertise
  • Outreach
  • Impact

The more easily your nonprofit partners can identify and connect with potential volunteers to fit specific requirements, the more transformative their mission becomes.

woman talking with people sitting outdoors


Of nonprofit leaders in a 2018 survey reported increased demand for their organization’s services.(3)

Nonprofits are eager to build volunteer relationships with your employees who can contribute expertise across a broad spectrum of needs, such as:


  • Business operations
  • Content
  • Data
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Privacy and security
  • Product development
  • Project management
  • Social justice
  • Social media
  • Software development
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • User experience
  • Website development
  • … And many more fields

(1) 2016 Millennial Employee Engagement Study, Cone Communications,

(2) “Breaking Boredom: Job Seekers Jumping Ship for New Challenges in 2018,” Korn Ferry,

(3) 2018 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey, Nonprofit Finance Fund,

Connecting People Within Communities and Across Continents - photo

Connecting People Within Communities and Across Continents

Skills-based volunteers learn leadership skills while contributing valuable expertise to causes they believe in. Support your workforce with opportunities for all employees to engage and implement critical projects within organizations that need their knowledge.

Linking Experts Worldwide to Help Meet Humanity’s Greatest Needs

Valuable employees remain with your company longer when they are engaged with contributing to nonprofits. Revere allows you to maximize the contribution of your dedicated employee volunteers with a careful connection of skills to needs.

Linking Experts Worldwide photo
Revere Software - Amplify and Scale Your Social Impact - photo

Amplify and Scale Your Social Impact

Demonstrate your corporate commitment to positive change by tracking the value of your skills-based volunteer program. Revere makes it easier to plan, match, and implement your pro bono outreach.

We can help your organization:

  • Measure the impact of the skills-based volunteering work
  • Innovate effective CSR practices that appeal to employees
  • Respond to corporate and nonprofit partner requirements
  • Track and report progress toward specific sustainability and social impact commitments, including:
    • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) benchmarks
    • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards

Revere matches the knowledge, skills, and experience of experts around the world to advance the common good.

Tableau Drives Employee and Nonprofit Engagement Through Skills-based Volunteering

“We launched our skills-based volunteering program, Tableau Service Corps, shortly after the launch of the Tableau Foundation. In partnership with Revere Software, Service Corps has continued to grow in size and scope, with over 400 completed projects to date. Revere enables us to track the types of expertise and skills our employees are providing to nonprofits across the world. Having Service Corps’ personalized, branded skills-based volunteering program hosted on the Revere platform has been integral to its success.”

Neal Myrick, Global Head, Tableau Foundation (Seattle, WA)

Tableau Foundation - Service Corps Example of Skills Based Volunteering photo