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Frequently Asked Questions

Your private-labeled skills-based volunteering program on the Revere platform could be the most valuable place your nonprofit partners spend time.

Revere gives your nonprofit partners, members, alumni, students, and other constituents easy access to a cadre of preselected subject-matter-expert volunteers, generally from within your organization. Let Revere help you meet your goals for employee engagement, recruitment, and retention through skills-based volunteering.

So, how does it work? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do Nonprofit partners and employee Volunteers connect?

Nonprofit and purpose-driven partners can request and attain expertise and best practices from employee volunteers they otherwise would not have access to in two ways:

Team Projects

Partners can submit team-project requests and applications right into Revere. Your program administrator(s) then evaluates, edits and approves selected projects. The admin(s) then selects and assigns employee volunteers who have submitted interest to any given project or they can assign any volunteer who the Revere algorithm suggests may be a match for a particular project.

One-to-One Meetings

Using the search box on your site, your partners can search by keyword, skill, cause, location, and other means to find the right expert volunteer(s) for one-to-one meetings — virtual or in person. Partners can also browse volunteers by clicking on the “Find a Volunteer” button on the navigation bar. They can then compare experts by reading their biographies, watching their videos, and scanning their photo galleries.

How do partners and Volunteers meet?

The choice is theirs. They can meet in any of the following ways:

  • Videoconference (Zoom, MS Teams, Google, FaceTime, etc.)
  • Phone
  • In person

What if our people are not tech savvy?

The Revere platform is super easy to use, and it’s super easy for your program administrator(s) to manage.

What kind of privacy control does Revere offer?

Depending on the level of privacy you want, we can configure your site with a simple email address and password combination with two-factor authentication or single-sign-on (SSO) authentication. For more on our privacy policies and how we abide by CCPA and GDPR, please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

Can partners review and rate the quality of their sessions?

The choice is yours. You have the option of turning on the reviews and rating functionality from your program’s administrative console. At any time, you can enable or disable reviews and ratings.

Can we receive reviews and ratings but not publish them?


Will our program have detailed reporting functionality?

Absolutely. You can monitor activity on a real-time basis, and you also can pull daily, weekly, quarterly and annual reports. Standard reports include, “most requested skills”, “most requested volunteers”, and “top geographical partner locations” with many more available. You can also download your raw data to an Excel or CSV file.

Does Revere have an API (application program interface), enabling us to pull our employee engagement hours & data into Benevity, Salesforce, YourCause, Asana, Atlassian or other software programs?

Absolutely. Our API is super easy to pull into other software.

What level of access to our website do we have?

We build your private-labeled site on the Revere platform and then train your administrator(s) on how to manage the content from within your administrative console. You can edit text, upload photos and video and toggle on/off features. If managing content isn’t your thing, we are happy to handle it for a fee.

Can we charge our partners?

You can…but, that said, most of our corporate clients do not charge their nonprofit, education, and B Corporation partners. Charging or not charging is totally up to you. You can enable and disable the ability to charge for meetings with your experts. You and your experts can set fees on a flat-fee basis or fees based on level of expertise in the marketplace. You can also set a profit margin for yourself on top of your experts’ fees. We are partnered with Stripe for payment processing.

What if an expert gets more requests than they want?

Every organization has “rock star” experts that are in high demand. To manage the number of requests any one person receives, you can toggle off their profile from the administrative console or they can turn it off from their dashboard. You may also want to feature your rock stars on your homepage but only for a limited time or number of engagements. No matter what, Revere makes it easy to be in control.

Who creates our volunteers’ profiles?

On the most part, they do. Or you can. Either way, you have editorial control through your administration console. If you’d rather outsource the onboarding process of your volunteers and the curation of their profiles, Revere can manage that for you on an annual fee basis.

Do we have a way of analyzing traffic on our site?

Yes. Google Analytics is embedded in the Revere platform.

How much does Revere cost?

We charge a one-time configuration fee to create your private-labeled skills-based volunteering site on the Revere platform, plus an annual recurring fee based on your number of users. Click on “Book A Demo” below to schedule a demonstration of Revere’s capabilities and receive personalized pricing information.