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3 Tips in 3 Minutes: Arming Your CSR Team for Success


This month in our Three Tips in Three Minutes series for CSR Leaders, I welcome Chad Haertling of Deed, a social impact platform.

Welcome, Chad, and what three tips would you like to share?

Thanks for having me, Brian. 

Tip #1:

First, the business case; arm your CSR team for success. All corporate divisions have software to help them accomplish their goals, whether it’s Salesforce, Pardot, or Constant Contact. Your CSR efforts need the right tools, too. I’ve created a series titled Finding Your Purpose Fit on LinkedIn that explores how to align your purpose across ten departments within your organization.

Tip #2:

Don’t back down on your ESG programs. OneStream just polled global finance teams, who said that despite economic uncertainty, almost 50% of companies will invest more in ESG and DEIB initiatives in 2023 than they did this year.

Tip #3:

Employee engagement matters. Surveys show that 70% of employees find their primary purpose in life through their work. Companies need to develop an inclusive platform to make it easier for all employees to be involved. From maintenance to C-level, regardless of whether people work in the office or remotely, we want to include the entire workforce.

Thanks for those tips and for joining us today.

And if folks want to get in touch with Chad, email him at chad@joindeed.com.

Deed is an all-in-one platform that helps employees engage through volunteering, giving, and taking action at work and beyond


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Chad Haertling, VP of Sales, Deed

Chad Haertling loves working with companies by helping them realize their full social impact potential. As the lines blur between us as individuals, consumers, and employees, he enjoys strategizing on how companies can become better all-around corporate citizens.