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3 Tips in 3 Minutes: Enhancing ROI by Revealing Investment Impact


Welcome, I’m Brian Kurth, the founder of Revere Skills-based Volunteering Software. 

With me today for 3 Tips in 3 Minutes for CSR Leaders is Lauren Ott with Impact Genome. Tell us a little about Impact Genome.

Impact Genome is the world’s first impact data registry for social programs globally. We are the world’s leading taxonomy for coding social outcomes.

So, what does that mean?

Well, when you’re answering these big questions:
What is the impact of the investment I’m making?
Am I making the right investment?
How do I improve my ROI?

We can help you find answers by accessing our registry and being able to communicate the impact that’s happening.

Thanks for that intro, and now, what are your 3 Tips in 3 Minutes?

Here’s number one:

Impact Standards: Standardization allows you to compare, benchmark, and price the cost per outcome and understand what you should be funding. Then, you can decide how many dollars you should put toward an organization to be sure you’re meeting your goals and understanding and comparing the organizations you’re funding to date.

Number two: 

Capacity Building: We want to help you build capacity not only in your internal organization. How can we help you understand the deep questions coming forward in the sector but ultimately be able to support the impact producers you’re working with? So, capacity building is an essential part of your CSR journey.

And number three:

Get Credit: Programs deserve to get credit for the good work that they’re doing! We want to help you go beyond those output data points. No longer will it be appropriate to simply communicate how many dollars you’ve given to how many organizations, countries, and hours you’ve volunteered. We want to know more, to deepen that information, understand the impact of those output numbers, and we can better understand how your entire portfolio is doing.

Awesome. Don’t be shy about tooting your own horn.

Yes, A humble brag is appropriate, and it’s not encouraged enough.

Exactly. Thank you so much for sharing your 3 Tips in 3 Minutes. How can people get in touch?

We’re excited at Impact Genome to help you communicate and get credit for all the good work you’re doing. Please email me at lott@impactgenome.org or get in touch with me on LinkedIn: Lauren Ott on LinkedIn.

Fantastic. Thanks for joining us today, and keep up the great work you guys are doing.

Thanks, Brian. We appreciate you being such a champion in the sector.

Lauren Ott, Director, Impact Services

Lauren launched and ran the social enterprise Kits for a Cause, which changed the way that employee engagement intersects with social impact. Formerly, she worked as the Director of Global Business Development in the non-profit and governmental industries. She currently serves as the Director of Impact Services at Impact Genome.

Connect with Lauren on LinkedIn.