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3 Tips in 3 Minutes: Improving Education for Under-Resourced Learners


Today in Three Tips in Three Minutes for CSR leaders, I’m happy to talk to Julie Clugage. Julie is the co-founder and executive director of Team4Tech.

Tell us a little about Team4Tech, Julie, and share your Three Tips with us.

Happy to be here, Brian. Team4Tech is a nonprofit based in the San Francisco area but working globally. Our mission is to improve the quality of education for under-resourced learners worldwide. We do this by engaging corporate volunteers on skill-based volunteering consulting projects with education-focused NGOs around the world.

And these are my three tips: 

1. Offer a range of commitment options in your skills-based volunteering program. The pandemic pushed us to expand various formats, ranging from one-hour up to eight-week commitments. As a result, employees can test the waters with shorter-term opportunities and then engage more deeply in the areas that excite them. Campaigns with many corporations prove this works well. 

2. Provide team-based opportunities across various functions, geographies, and seniority levels. With today’s work options — remote, hybrid, and in-person — this offers a fantastic way to keep connecting across the company.  

3. Build in leadership development as part of your skills-based volunteering program. Create thoughtful, structured opportunities for employees to grow their skills around human-centered design, project management, and cross-team collaboration.  

I recently read that the three keys to happiness are continuous learning, social connection, and giving back. Ensure you incorporate all three of these into your skills-based pro bono program.

Thanks, Julie. There you go—three tips in less than three minutes. Reach out to Julie Clugage on LinkedIn or by email at julie@team4tech.org.

Great to chat with you, as always. We love what Team4Tech is doing and look forward to working with you again.

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Julie Clugage, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Team4Tech

Julie Clugage is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Team4Tech, a non-profit social enterprise that works to advance 21st century education for under-resourced learners around the world through technology capacity building and solutions. She has more than 20 years of experience in education, technology, and international development.