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3 Tips in 3 Minutes: Social Responsibility is Good for Business


Today in our Three Tips in Three Minutes for CSR Leaders, I’m talking to Tynesia Boyea-Robinson. She is the President and CEO of CapEQ™. Welcome, Ty. Before you share your three tips, tell us about your company.

CapEQ™ is an Impact Investment & Advisory Firm. Our vision is to change how the world does business. We work with investors and companies to embed equitable impact into their day-to-day practices.

Equitable impact is found at the intersection of ESG and DEI, leading to ROI.

I love that phrase. Explain how it works.

Today, CSR professionals must drive their work in a cost-conscious way. But, unfortunately, companies may see social responsibility as the parsley on the side of the plate—not as the main dish or a significant part of how business is done.

But this is a missed opportunity. Not investing in social causes is detrimental to the company in various ways. After all, half of consumers say they’re willing to pay more money with businesses that drive social change. And companies are twice as likely to recruit team members if they push social change. 

So leaders must figure out how to integrate social and environmental issues to attract and keep talent and be out in front with consumers.

I tell companies there are three ways to embed social impact as their main course.

  1. Focus on how you make your money. 

How do you generate revenue from your business model? Think of all the processes, from product development to your services. 

  1. Focus on how you spend your money. 

Look at everything you spend to support your core business model, supply chain, and indirect procurement. 

  1. Focus on how you treat your people.

Everyone who works in your business matters. Look at the intangible aspects of your business culture, including hiring, training, and retaining.

In short, if you want to drive social change, it has to be built in—not bolted on.

That is outstanding; thank you so much. You’ve learned a lot over the years, and now you’ve completed a brand-new book. It’s time for some shameless promotion, so tell us about your book.

Yes, The Social Impact Advantage shares lessons from several decades of work within our company. I discuss these three things; How you make your money, spend your money, and treat your people. The book includes case studies, tools, resources, and worksheets. It’s a very accessible book.

Fantastic. The case studies angle is critical to many of our clients. Congratulations on your new book. And if people want to get in touch with you?

Reach out to me on LinkedIn and at Tynesia Boyea on Twitter.

Thanks for your Three Tips and for being part of the wonderful world of social impact and corporate social responsibility.

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Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, President and CEO CapEQ Impact Investing Advisors

As an entrepreneur, Six Sigma blackbelt, and technologist, Tynesia helps businesses achieve their true potential through social impact. She has been religiously leading and writing about enterprises that “do well and do good” for over a decade.

As President and CEO of CapEQ™ (formerly Reliance Methods), which she founded in 2011, she demonstrated how business and community goals can align towards mutual outcomes, helping Fortune 500 clients like the Carlyle Group, Marriott, and others change the way the world does business. In her previous role as Chief Impact Officer of Living Cities, Tynesia was responsible for ensuring $100M of investment produced outcomes that improved the lives of people across the country.

Tynesia has published articles featured in the Washington PostForbes and more, and her most recent book is The Social Impact Advantage: Win Customers and Talent By Harnessing Your Business For Good