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3 Tips in 3 Minutes: Connecting Your Workforce Amplifies Change


Hello. I’m Brian Kurth with Revere skills-based volunteering software. Welcome to Three Tips in Three Minutes for CSR leaders. This week I’m talking to Ky Begley, part of the impact team at Autodesk.

Hi, and welcome on board, Ky.

Hi, Brian. Thanks for having me, and I’m excited to be here. Here are my three tips.

Tip #1. Have a clear Impact Strategy that aligns with your business. 

Tap into what your organization does well, what makes it unique, and what your products are. 

We share the results of our impact strategy with data and stories. Our Impact Marketing Team at Autodesk works hand in hand with our ESG and reports the results on our annual Impact Report.

 A well-designed strategy can also boost employee engagement and retention and increase revenue.  

Tip #2. Connect your skilled workforce to impactful organizations to amplify change.

Your company’s talent is a valuable resource that can be an asset to the social sector. 

Here at Autodesk, we do just that with our Pro Bono Consulting program.

We match our talented employees and their unique skill sets, and match them with a portfolio of non-profit organizations and startups that are scaling innovative solutions to design and make a better world for all. 

Tip #3. Make your program work for your employees.

It takes dedicated resources to do impactful work well, so you need to find the right tools to support your programs. 

Tools like Revere Software make it easy for employees to choose their level of commitment by choosing to take part in a one-on-one session, a team project, or an immersion trip where they work on-site with an Autodesk Foundation grantee. 

The reporting tool also keeps your metrics and data in one place to easily track and measure your impact, allowing you to scale your programs as they grow. 

Again, Brian, thanks so much for having me and for providing this amazing software to support long-term, meaningful social impact.

Thank you. We love working with Autodesk and seeing not just the one-on-one side but the scale of team projects you’ve achieved over the years.

If people have questions, especially about how you’ve scaled the team projects, what’s the best way to find you?

Reach out to me, Ky Begley, on LinkedIn. I’m always happy to chat.

To learn more about Autodesk’s volunteer projects, read Skills-Based Volunteering Offers More Than a Warm, Fuzzy Feeling.

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Ky Begley, Employee Impact Project Lead at Autodesk

Ky is a strong community impact and social services professional with demonstrated success working in the information technology and product services industries. She is skilled in strategic partnerships, event management, non-profit organizations, product marketing, and leadership.