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Hard. Messy. And ineffective. Finding the perfect match is rough.


Hard, messy, and ineffective are the words many corporate social responsibility (CSR) administrators have used to describe their experience connecting skills-based volunteers with the right nonprofit opportunity over the years.

Let’s talk about the problem.

Do corporations support skills-based volunteering programs?

The CECP’s Giving in Numbers™ 2021 report shows that domestic and international companies support employee volunteer programs, so that’s not the issue.

CECP’s Giving in Numbers™ 2021 Report

Do employees care about social responsibility?

Yes. A survey by the American Marketing Association found that 53% of millennial and Gen Z employees say having a job where they can make an impact is important and 58% say they would take a pay cut to work for a company whose values match their own.

And we know nonprofits still need volunteers.

So, what is the problem?

Human resources and CSR leaders tell me they need an easy-to-use method to successfully match employee volunteers with the right nonprofit(s).

And we have to remember that millennials and Gen Z employees grew up with technology. These younger employees are socially conscious, technically focused, and eager for connection, but they expect smooth, digital interactions.

Let’s talk about making this connection more effective.

Words Count

Employees want to volunteer, and we make it easy for busy professionals to get involved. In only 10 minutes, they can create a brief profile describing their experience and highlighting their skills in a paragraph or two.

This brief profile is critical in matching our corporate clients’ employees to nonprofit partners needing specific skills.

Accuracy Matters

Our platform assesses the employees’ text, which may be only 50 to 100 words, along with other key words including the employees’ listed skills, causes, interests, education, location, etc., and provides:

  • A short list of employee volunteers that match a 1:1 meeting request from a nonprofit staff member; and
  • The CSR administrator receives a suggested, best-in-class team of employee volunteers to fill a project application from a nonprofit partner.

Efficiency Results

The CSR leader gets recommendations based on the project application the nonprofit has completed. Nonprofits love the matches of qualified employee volunteers, expert in the skills they need to get their work done. And the skills-based volunteers enjoy the satisfaction and experience of using their expertise for causes they support.

We call these results a Triple Win.

  1. The Revere skills-based volunteering platform can meet nearly any organization’s CSR objectives and IT environment.
  2. It is easy to set up, deploy, and manage, streamlining the work of busy administrators.
  3. And effective matches between nonprofit partners and your volunteer employees result in satisfying experiences.

You can help your workforce find a deeper meaning in their work. Revere Software makes it easier than ever to involve your employees in CSR programs.