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3 Tips in 3 Minutes: How to Keep Volunteer Momentum on Track


In this month’s Three Tips in Three Minutes for CSR Leaders, I visit with two enthusiastic women, Cori Streetman, Co-founder and CEO, and Sarah Hogan, Co-founder and Chief Purpose Officer at Barefoot PR.
I was eager to hear Cori and Sarah’s tips on building excitement and ongoing commitment to your company’s skills-based volunteering program. CSR leaders can find their project kicks off with a bang—lots of early adopters and engagement, but a few months later, the whole thing can fizzle.
How can we keep the volunteer momentum on track?
These two experienced public relations experts have answers, and they’ll inspire you with their passion.
Here are their three tips and questions to ask yourselves to keep the flames of volunteering burning bright.
1. Are you effectively reaching your employees?
You send out what you think are meaningful, attention-getting messages about your volunteering program, but interest is fading, and emails are going unopened.
If this problem sounds familiar, in our busy world, shorter often means sweeter. So how do you touch people’s hearts and get your message across?
2. Is it true that a picture is worth more than a thousand words?
We need to build an emotional connection with our audience and realize that storytelling means more than words.
What are some ways to effectively use images, including photos, to inspire your skills-based volunteers?
3. Do you realize your Why?
Our requests for volunteers may sound shallow, and our efforts to connect with nonprofits can come up empty if we cannot convince our team why volunteering matters.
It’s easier to build strong partnerships and long-term relationships when you can explain why volunteerism fits into your CSR mission.
Listen to the entire approximately three-minute talk for more details and proven strategies to help you establish a long-lasting CSR program.

We love working with the staff at Barefoot PR in Denver, Colorado. This company is founded on the belief that companies build reputations on heart and soul combined with a genuine commitment to “doing the right thing.” To excel at letting the world know what you do, visit their website.

And if you need help to develop your skills-based volunteering program, get in touch. Revere matches the knowledge, talent, and experience of experts worldwide to advance the common good.

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Cori Streetman, Co-founder & CEO and Sarah Hogan, Co-founder and Chief Purpose Officer, Barefoot PR

Barefoot PR was founded in 2010. The founders believed strong reputations were built through a commitment to doing the right thing and vowed to never dress up clients to be something they are not. They remain dedicated to this philosophy in their work to build reputational capital through public relations and design with purpose.