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3 Tips in 3 Minutes: How to Set Up Your SBV Program for Success


Hi, I’m Brian Kurth, founder and CEO of Revere Software.

Welcome to Three Tips in Three Minutes, where I interview leaders in today’s corporate social responsibility world.

Today’s guest is Grady Lee, CEO, and co-founder of Give To Get, a social impact company with nearly 30 years of experience setting purpose in motion for brands and communities worldwide. Grady is also the co-founder and vice-chair of the IMPACT2030 Initiative.

With Grady’s depth of experience, I wasn’t sure he could share three tips in this short amount of time, but he nailed it. With his expertise in the field of social responsibility, it was no problem to share succinct bites of information to give us food for thought.

First, he explains what can go wrong when CSR leaders try to match a project they care about to the needs of their program. Often, they forget the most critical ingredient.

Once you’ve gotten your program underway, do you know the essential factor in making or breaking your skills-based volunteer program? It’s probably not what you’d expect.

And finally, it’s not enough to do the work. Yes, it matters to the cause you help, but there’s something else your company may be missing. How should you be measuring the competitive value of your social impact?

If you want to learn how Give to Get can help you develop a sustainable social impact program, get in touch with Grady at grady.lee@givetoget.com.


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Grady Lee, CEO & Co-founder
Give To Get

We are helping to move purpose from an act of charity to an act of competitive advantage for business. Give To Get is a pure-play Purpose company that mobilizes brands, people and communities via integrated services that deliver real, measurable results. Our work integrates across multiple departments, geographies and causes with a company to provide enterprise-wide value.