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Reasons to Optimize Your Social Impact Work with Skills-Based Volunteering Software


Pro bono services are nothing new. Lawyers in the American Bar Association are expected to donate 50 hours of their consulting time each year.

But did you realize that more than fifty percent of United States companies now have corporate-wide volunteer service programs in place?

Skills-based volunteering software is needed to manage this fastest-growing segment within the wider sphere of volunteering.

A new generation of talented and socially-minded employees is dominating the workforce. Their parents wrote a check to support the charities of their choice—today’s employee wants connection.

Corporations are encouraging this involvement. Sixty-five percent of companies surveyed for the Giving in Numbers 2019 report stated that they make pro bono opportunities available.

Businesses know that supporting nonprofit work through volunteer involvement has an impact. Leaders identify the most significant values as:

● Sustainable social impact

Employee recruitment and retention.

● Leadership development.

● Increased employee engagement.

● Improved brand perception.

Salesforce, the global CRM service, enables its employees to take off seven paid days a year to volunteer and recognizes the top 100 volunteers who each receive $10,000.00 for the charity of their choice. Not surprisingly, 96% of the workforce say they “feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.”

● 58% of prospective employees consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work (including 76% millennials)

● 92% of participants feel more culturally aware because of their pro bono experience

● 88% of employees feel more fulfilled by their jobs when provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social or environmental issues

● 41% of pro bono participants say they are more likely to stay at their company because of their pro bono experience

● 57% reduction in turnover of employees deeply connected to their company’s social giving program.

(All of these statistics stated above are from the report, Giving in Numbers).

PYXERA Global’s Common Performance Indicator (CPI) project, surveyed 1,014 pro bono participants and 85% reported they had an increased motivation to perform at their job and 92% said they had an improved understanding of the company’s role as a corporate citizen.”

There are plenty of excellent reasons to include pro bono opportunities and skills-based volunteering software in your corporate social responsibility strategy. Done well, skills-based volunteering brings together expertise from the corporate and nonprofit sectors to create long-lasting solutions to humanity’s needs.

To function smoothly skills-based volunteering requires collaboration within sectors of your company, which may include human resources, marketing, IT, and of course, the employees themselves.

Revere Software’s branded platform provides seamless matchmaking between your volunteer employees and your nonprofit partners. You have access to all the real data and insights to track completed projects.

Today’s employees want to find value in their work. They deeply care about the needs of the world and making a difference. Your goal is to facilitate the possibilities. It’s critical that companies continue to provide valuable expertise through their pro bono programs and our skills-based volunteering software simplifies the job.

Our mission is making it easier for corporate foundations, global nonprofit organizations, professional associations, and universities to connect with people who care.