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Webinar with NetHope – Unlocking the Power of People


Discover how an innovative knowledge exchange, Revere Software, is fueling progress by connecting people within communities and across continents, featuring use-case story of technology partner Tableau Foundation and nonprofit partner Splash.org.

In the world of solving humanities’ most pressing issues, we believe people are the secret sauce. They are an often underutilized resource of knowledge, skills, and experiences, just waiting to be accessed by the solution-seekers who need it most. Unlocking this untapped wealth of know-how and insight can be key in propelling an organization’s mission forward.

While nonprofits are rich in purpose, many lack funding or capacity necessary to uncover new solutions. Likewise, companies across industries are teeming with subject-matter experts but lack an avenue for connecting their army of knowledge-based volunteers with opportunities to advance the greater good.

Technology companies like Tableau are partnering with Revere Software to bring these worlds together. Revere’s unique knowledge-sharing and flash-mentoring platform allows nonprofits like Splash.org to instantly connect with a cadre of Tableau volunteers who are skilled in a range of data visualization best practices.

This webinar is geared towards nonprofit organizations, giving participants insights into:

  • Skills-based volunteering and pro bono consulting

  • Expert & knowledge-seeker match-making

  • Employee volunteering and employee engagement

  • Data-driven insights & impact

  • Use-case exploring Tableau Service Corps and Splash.org

Read the full article at solutionscenter.nethope.org/webinars/view/unlocking-the-power-of-people, brought to you by NetHope.